Arrow’s Flight Cast of Characters

I wondered if I had too many characters, but then I considered War and Peace, and thought, “Nah, I’m fine.” Even so, here’s a guide to help keep track of them. I will add portraits to the Image Gallery page when I have them finished.


Curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and medium olive-brown skin. 5’ 6”. 19 years old in 1302 ASW. She is a skilled hunter and is handy with a bow. Her parents are Lehan Eddra and Teban Eddra. Her real name is Quosa.


Elorien Majut:

Knee-length straight black hair, medium olive skin tone, bright green eyes. 5’ 10”. 25 years old in 1302 ASW. Sorcerer. Wrote a misbehaving spell book. Jensi and Odella Majut are Elorien’s Great-Great-Great grandparents. Sir Reed is his Godsplitter.


Sir Reed Godsplitter:

Wavy red hair, moustache down to his chin, white skin, amber eyes. 7’ 0”. 25 years old in 1302 ASW. Sophelia Gardonsolu is his mother. Reed is a member of the Order of Dragons (also called the Order of the Dragon). He is Elorien’s Godsplitter. His dragon form is silver with a copper crest and multicoloured scales around his eyes. Argonsloud is his brother.


Knights of the Pearl Order:

Dame Gertie Gocadess:

Curly red hair, light white skin, and green eyes. 5’ 6 ½”. 25 years old in 1302 ASW. She prefers to use a poll axe when fighting. She is in love with Risto. She practices drawing and embroidery in her free time. Arkelen is her squire.


Sir Risto Siluka:

Pale blond hair, blue eyes, and light white skin. 6’ 4”. 25 years old in 1302 ASW. His mother is a Wood Elf and his father is an Ice Elf. He is in love with Gertie. Vinnelar is his cousin. He’s from Tenelach. Eroli is his squire.


Dame Philiah Swordbreaker:

Brown hair, greyish blue eyes, tanned white skin. 5’ 5”. 25 years old in 1302 ASW. Her father is Sir Rovencer Swordbreaker, and her brother is Glatidred. Her mother died in battle. Philiah does not know herself. Donenco is her squire.


Knight Eräviina Harmaa:

Black hair marbled with white, light grey skin, grey eyes. 6’ 0”. 50 years old in 1302 ASW. Eräviina is a Stone Elven woman, who the elite Stone Elves pejoratively call a pebble. Her girlfriends are Kimber (a round-ear with dark brown hair and blue eyes) and Tähti (a Stone Elf with an amethyst look). She was born in Stonehold.


Sir Wulfast Wilvar:

Dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and lightly tanned white skin. Shaves off his beard in the summer. 6’ 6”. 24 years old in 1302 ASW. Wulfast is the gentle giant type. He is from Willow’s Weep in Magraven. He is struggling to know himself after having some bad experiences. His hobby is woodcarving.


Sir Jolvon Shenzhargo:

Short, curly black hair (shaves his head in summer), dark brown eyes, and dark brown skin. 5’ 11”. 26 years old in 1302 ASW. Jolvon is from Thear. His parents are Thearan Scholars. He loves reading and is proud of his extensive book collection. His squire is Anntent, an Er-iss.


Sir Kai Ketel:

Straight black hair, grey eyes, tanned white skin. 5’ 6”. 29 years old in 1302 ASW. He is concerned about Olive Hazelfrost. He is from a noble family in Magraven where he is known as Lord Kestrel. His squire is Ditorre.


The Commandery of Pearl’s Holding:

Grand Commander:

Nomissa Lionwill, a woman from Thear. She coordinates with the Paladin, Valor Lifetree. Nomissa has medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and her short black curls are greying at the temples. 5’ 9”. 51 years old in 1302 ASW.


Brandion Goodwere, born and raised in Jorico Rift. 48 years old in 1302 ASW. He has greying dark hair and grey eyes. His skin tone is tanned white. 5’ 10”.



Tuulia Käsi, a wood Elven woman. Tuulia has golden blonde hair, green eyes, and light skin. 6’ 2”. 252 years old in 1302 ASW.



Farrimond Chev. He has tanned white skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. 5’ 2”. Age unknown, but he appears to be in his early 30s.



Allim Bassih, a man from The Peaceful Lands, which are southeast of Thear. Allim has long black hair pulled back in a braid. His eyes are hazel-green and his skin is dark olive-brown. 5’ 8”.



Kansorezo Sah, a man from Anu. He has long black hair, medium olive skin, and brown eyes. 5’ 7”.


Standard Bearer:

Paavali Tiukka is from the enclave of Stone Elves who live in Jorico Rift. He is a “pebble”– a stone elf who doesn’t resemble any valuable stone. His hair, skin, and eyes are grey. 6’ 8”.



Grommel Ironback. Black hair, bone white skin, black eyes. 4’ 0”. 315 years old in 1302 ASW.  He is a Dwarrow from Cauldron Valley. As a Draper he is a tailor, but he also has the authority to monitor the clothing of every member of the Commandery. Like all members of the race of Dwarrow, he may act as a psychopomp, helping souls to the Otherworld.


Pearl’s Holding Keep


Tressa, Holder of the Pearl. Greying brown hair, lightly tanned white skin, light brown eyes. 5’ 5”. Mid-50s. She is the elected leader of Pearl’s Holding. Her daughter is Almaria.


Dragon of the Keep:

Sophelia Gardonsolu.  Silver hair, white skin, grey eyes. 58 years old in 1302 ASW.

Sophelia’s companion:

Pikku, a Tilka. Long green hair, green skin, green eyes, green wings. About 6” tall. Age unknown, but probably in her early 100s. She has many contacts among the Tilka spies. Her dragon form is a pewter colour.


Witch of the Keep:

Glydra Silverwing. She has long, slightly wavy silver hair, white skin, blue eyes. 5’ 7”. 47 years old in 1302 ASW. She is married to Warlock Reth Bloodstone. She is the head of the Healers and also defends the Keep. As a Witch, Glydra has the ability to tell if someone is lying.


Warlock of the Keep:

Reth Bloodstone. Black hair with sliver at the temples, tanned white skin, brown eyes. 5’ 9”. 49 years old in 1302 ASW. He is married to Witch Glydra Silverwing. He defends the Keep in tandem with the Witch. Warlocks have the ability to tell if someone is lying.


Paladin of the Keep:

Valour Lifetree. Long black hair with a red streak, white skin with a slight grey cast, black eyes. 6’ 7”. 194 years old in 1302 ASW. He is half Stone Elf, half round-ear. His father is Kallio Mustakivi (Blackstone), the Captain of the Watch in Gritchford Keep and his mother was Blythe Lifetree. Every Keep has a Paladin who works with the Witch and Warlock to defend the Keep, and coordinates everything between the Keep and Knights’ Motherhouse. He also supervises the Rangers, the City Watch, the Battlemages, and the Holder’s personal guards.



Pernatetta Koivu. Long golden blond hair, white skin, green eyes. 6’ 3”. 187 years old in 1302 ASW. She is half Forest Elf, half round-ear.


Healers and Hearthmages:


Midnight “Middy” Flaxfield. Greying blonde hair, white skin tone, light green eyes. 55 years old in 1302 ASW. A plump, matronly woman, Middy is the head of the Healer’s Guild of the Pearl Order.



Olive Hazelfrost. Chestnut brown hair,  medium white skin tone, hazel eyes. 28 years old in 1302 ASW. She’s in love with Sir Kai.


Basil Wintermist. Short brown hair, white skin with a few pimples, brown eyes. 6’ 1”. Lanky. 20 years old in 1302 ASW.


Other Characters:

Jensi Majut:

Knee-length white hair, olive skin tone, brown eyes (Jensi insists they are hazelnut brown). 5’ 11”. 249 years old in 1302 ASW, but lies about his age. Makes himself look 25. Sorcerer from Anu. He dresses flamboyantly. Married to Odella. Soko Nahash is his Godsplitter. Elorien’s thrice-great grandfather.


Odella Majut:

Long black hair, olive skin tone, brown eyes. 5’ 9 ¾”. Probably about the same age as Jensi. Also makes herself look young. Married to Jensi. Elorien’s thrice-great grandmother.


Vinnelar Jaluki:

Messy golden blond hair, tanned white skin, green eyes. 6’ 4”. 180 years old in 1302 ASW. He’s a Forest Elf. Ranger. Risto’s cousin. Lives in Tenelach.



Raven Corvid and his younger sister Crow Corvid are members of the Ramblers, nomads made up mostly of merchants and crafts people. Each family has a stylized emblem on their wagons, similar to a family crest. Raven is a little heavy set with long black hair, light olive-brown skin, and brown eyes. Crow has a similar appearance to her brother, but she’s thinner.


Jezera Adolorsung:

A humble seller of mittens, socks, and willy-warmers.



No hair, mostly green, yellow eyes. 2’ 6”. Young adult? Older than a frogling, but not yet of mating age. An orange-faced frog goblin.


Declan Keller: Mayor of Shellthorpe. Black hair and beard, tanned white skin tone, dark brown eyes. Middle-aged. Stocky build.


Rámé Keller: Declan’s husband. Brown hair with a darker beard, tanned white skin tone, light brown eyes. A few years younger than Declan. Tall and thin build.


Kaithel Keller: Blonde hair, white skin tone, blue eyes. Slightly pudgy. 11 years old in 1302 ASW. Adopted daughter of the Kellers. She was born in Willow’s Weep.


Tyrhun Keller: Curly black hair, brown skin, dark brown eyes. 9 years old in 1302 ASW. Adopted son of the Kellers. He was born in Willow’s Weep.



Tooth Blossoms: The dried flowers of the tooth blossom plant are used to brush teeth and keep the mouth clean. A substance in the plant prevents tooth decay and freshens breath.


Izhen Plant: It is actually a type of mushroom with “leaves” that are soft and feel like chamois cloth. It has a substance on it that helps clean skin. The plant is often used as a washcloth. It is usually put next to the privy stool and is used like toilet paper.


Washing Fountain: A washing fountain consists of three parts: a large lower portion, which is a bathtub, and a small upper portion, which is a sink for washing hands and face, and a shower spout at the top. The water circulates through the fountain and on a daily basis hearthmages put spells on the water to purify it and clean the basins.


Glassfruit: A type of translucent fruit, nearly see-through (hence the name) and rather gelatinous and sweet. It is often used as a basis for other dishes.


Herofish: Large, silver fish that live in Bilreal Lake, south of the Idlogi Sea. The skin is often made into parchment or sandpaper.


Sailbirds:  Large, white birds, something like swans, but who have a crest down their necks and backs that functions like a sail when raised, allowing them to glide quickly along the water.


Nornwort: an herb.


Magefire: a smokeless fire created by hearthmages. All magick-crafters can create magefire, but it is the hearthmages who are tasked with keeping the ovens hot and the torches lit