On my page, Facebook kept prompting me to “boost this post”, so I decided to try it to see what would happen. At first, nothing happened, because Facebook doesn’t make anything easy and enjoys punishing you for trying. I went around in circles, trying to figure out the problem because Facebook won’t just tell you what the issue is. I finally sorted it out and got the ads going, but Facebook would only promote certain posts, which of course, weren’t the ones I wanted to promote. I suspect that Facebook secretly (or maybe not so secretly) hates people.

I also suspect that Mailchimp hates people. Well, Mailchimp, the feeling is now mutual. I won’t even get into the headaches Mailchimp has given me–all whilst dealing with health problems, of course.

At least my health issues are improving!

And I have a book signing tomorrow–6:30 p.m. at The Center in Milan, Michigan.