I created a new page, titled Errata.My book has a few errors, but I can’t afford an editor. I have decided to put corrections on this page. Some things are not mistakes. For example, the use of British spelling is deliberate, not in error. And I spell “magick” with a...

Facebook, Mailchimp, and other headaches

On my page, Facebook kept prompting me to “boost this post”, so I decided to try it to see what would happen. At first, nothing happened, because Facebook doesn’t make anything easy and enjoys punishing you for trying. I went around in circles,...

Form Not Working

Apologies to anyone who filled out the form but didn’t get the link to the free short story. I’m trying to figure out what is not connecting. I’ve had more than one person tell me they didn’t get a response after filling out the email optin...

New and Improved!

Brand new cover image is now on the paperback, hardcover, and ebook!

New Formatting, New Cover

The epub version of Arrow’s Flight has new formatting and an eye-catching new cover! Other ebook formats, paperback, and hardcover will be available soon with the new look.